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[FINISHED] Scholarship 1 semester at Univ. Carlos III Madrid

Recipients: Students of Electronic Engineering or Telecommunications or Power Systems of the Catholic University of Uruguay

When: first academic semester of 2023

Benefits: Tickets: €1,500, Accommodation and Meals: €3,810

Application requirements: a) Have approved at least 100 credits of the study plan at the time of application; b) have pending approval of at least 2 subjects of the study plan at the time of application. Those students who have passed all the subjects in the study plan and who only have the final degree project pending approval cannot apply.

Required documentation: a) Certificate of studies (official education issued and signed by Bedelía); b) CV; c) Motivation letter (including the answer to the following question: How do you think you could apply IoT (Internet of Things) in your career?

Application: via email to interchange@nicoleimbert