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Power measurement of  IoT devices

Universidad de la República, Uruguay

Power measurement of low-power devices, such as wireless sensor network nodes or Internet of things appliances, is crucial to estimate their lifetime when batteries power them or to design their energy harvesting system. Typically, these devices have very low current consumption when they are idle (using sleep modes of a few microamps) and relatively high peak current consumption when transmitting or receiving data (tens of milliamps) for short periods (a few milliseconds). The high dynamic current range and high bandwidth make measurement a non-trivial task.
Besides, the EEMBC consortium, which develops performance benchmarks for hardware and software, provides multiple test profiles (typical application software) and a methodology for measuring energy consumption and evaluating the hardware platform according to its energy efficiency. Previous works in the research group have evaluated the use of relatively low-cost equipment.
The objective of the internship is to become familiar with the R&S®NGU201 source measure unit, acquired recently with funding from NEON, and characterize the power consumption of IoT devices. The EEMBC test profiles could be used as examples of applications.

Lenght: 30 days, from 01/08/2022 to 01/11/2022