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What is IoT?

Internet of Things (IoT) is the network that allows you to connect physical objects to the Internet. Through this network, objects can communicate and exchange data with other devices. Today, there are countless objects that are part of IoT, and there is more every day. From household objects such as light lamps, health care resources such as medical devices, smart clothing and personal accessories, and even smart city systems, as well as many other everyday objects.

Why IoT for Agribusiness?

Particularly, in Uruguay the agro-industrial sector is one of the most important, it is the sector on which the country’s economy is based. Through the application of IoT in this industry, key data can be provided for business management, facilitating the control of internal processes, minimizing risks, reducing waste and achieving greater efficiency. That is why more and more companies in this sector decide to apply IoT in their businesses.

Come to apply IoT and solve challenges in the agribusiness sector!

Are you interested? Register with your team or individually and participate in an innovative experience. Don’t miss out on the prizes for the winning teams!


You can win 3 flight tickets to attend the WAFE conference ā€œWorkshop in AgriFood Electronicsā€ in Quito, Ecuador, on March 4, 2023. The conference will be held after Lascas 2023.

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  • Hardware

    List of hardware and tools available for the development of prototypes.

  • Foreign Students

    If you are a student from a foreign country, we provide you with accommodation and transportation information.