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NEON exchange scholarship announcement 2023-1

Universidad Católica del Uruguay, Uruguay

The following scholarship is made within the framework of the NEON project. NEON (Network of Competence on Internet of Things) is an Erasmus+ project for the development of skills in higher education that aims to:

  • Fostering the technological advancement through the creation of a Network of Competence on IoT, an interconnected hub and common knowledge base for both universities and local industry.
  • Improving and diversifying the training of human resources both in the academic and industrial sphere.
  • Motivating a broader spectrum of people towards IoT, nowadays one of the most innovative and impactful technologies in the ICT field, as it influences and optimizes many processes and aspects of our daily lives.

Host University: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Addressee: Students from the following areas:

  • Electronic Engineering
  • Telecommunications Engineering
  • Power Systems Engineering

Duration: 1 academic semester (first semester of 2023)

Benefits: a total of 5.310€ distributed as follows:

  • Plane tickets: 1.500€
  • Lodging and meals: 3.810€

Application Requirements:

  • Be a student of any of the careers mentioned above.
  • Have approved at least 100 credits of the study plan at the time of application.
  • Have at least two subjects of the study plan pending approval at the time of application. Those students who have passed all the subjects of the study plan and who only have pending approval of the final degree project cannot apply.

Required Documentation:

  • Certificate of studies (official education issued and signed by Bedelia)
  • Resume
  • Motivation letter (including the answer to the following question: How do you think you could apply IoT (Internet of Things) in your career?)


Via email to